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Pineapple Incident

Appleton 8Y Rum Infused with Victoria Pineapple
Green Chartreuse
Creole Bitter
Pandan Syrup
Acid Solution

Tiki style, strong but sweet, fruity and herbal with exotic flavours

Self Made Men

Ketel One Vodka infused with Belgian Saffron*
Belsazar White Vermouth
Peychaud’s Bitter
Honey Syrup*

Boozy and mellow, complex and aromatic with floral notes

Horapha Sour

Grey Goose Vodka infused with Thai Basil, Yuzu Sake,
Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, Sugar Cane Syrup, Lime Juice

Harvest In The Wild

Dewar’s Caribbean Smooth Scotch, Smokey Monkey Scotch,
Green Chartreuse, Wild Berries Cordial, Peychaud’s Bitters,
Scarborough Bitters

My Spiced Cherry

Bacardi Ocho Rum, Briottet Tonka Beans Liqueur,
Velvet Falernum, Acid, Cherry and Ginger Syrup

Mexican Snowflake

Lunazul Blanco Tequila, St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur,
Acid Solution, Kiwi Syrup, Coconut Espuma

Low On The Horizon

Bombay Sapphire Premier Cru Gin fat-washed with Lemon Olive Oil,
Bittertruth Violet Liqueur, Koukoudo Mastiha Liqueur,
Elderflower & Lime Vinegar, Acid

Under The Apple

Roku Gin, Gonzalez Byass Sherry Medium,
Granny Smith Apple Cordial, Aquafaba

Let’s Hu – Go !

Patrón Silver Tequila, St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur,
Amaro di Angostura, Ancho Reyes Verde Liqueur,
Acid, Rhubarb Bitters, Rhubarb & Apple Soda

Schinus Maxima

Suntory Toki infused with Pink Peppercorn, Pink Peppercorn Tincture,
Grapefruit Bitters, Clarified Grapefruit Cordial, Sparkling Water


Grey Goose Vodka, Cucielo Dry Vermouth, Italicus Liqueur,
Earl Grey Cordial

Have A Good Night

Colon 111 Rum, J.M Jardin Fruité Rum, Bacardi Ocho Rum,
Hendrick’s Absinthe, Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur,
Pineapple Cordial, Pomegranate Juice

* Homemade ingredients

There is a full range of drinks including a wide selection of spirits. To ensure quality, we only serve (top) shelf liquors. Have a taste of our fine selection of international and local spirits.